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DONCKRICHARDARCHITECTS proposes architectural and design services for private, public, commercial and cultural buildings, unique renovation projects and master planning. In-house decorators, interior and garden designers contribute to a holistic approach for each concept.

The office founded by Xavier Donck in 1978 is now directed by Arthur Donck and Olivier Richard. Their highly complementary views on architecture and design help them find smart and interesting ways of responding to their clients needs.

Over the years DONCKRICHARDARCHITECTS has established a strong reputation for inspiring and upscale architectural design. The client portfolio is diverse: from individual homeowners or office builders to cultural organisations and retailers. The team of 8 is based in offices in Ghent and Brussels.



DONCKRICHARDARCHITECTS developed a unique approach on architecture. Each and every project starts by defining the elements which can improve the “quality of life” of its owners. Creating and designing houses, offices or barns where the users of the spaces feel happier and comfortable is what drives Olivier, Arthur and their team.

Both Olivier and Arthur have had the chance to live their lives surrounded by fine arts, design, music and travel. The office proposes an architecture of beauty and refinement - beauty as a combined result of the intuitive and the analytical, refinement as outcome of a subtle mix in which the practical and the extravagant, the rational and the irrational all have their place.


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Rue Notre-Dame-du-Sommeil 10 / 1000 Brussels (Belgium) - Einde Were 106 / 9000 Ghent (Belgium) - Via Venini 26 / 20127 Milano (Italy)